Switched To Direct Deposit In My ROTH IRA

Posted June 19, 2007 by Chuck Posted in: Personal Finance

So I have been harping for the last 2 months in my net worth updates that I want to put some money in my ROTH IRA over at Vanguard. Well, I haven’t made it happen. I keep wanting to put a large sum in ($500, $1000) for some reason and expenses keep coming up that make me hold back.

It just seems to be a mental thing for me that I don’t want to manually move over $100 or something small. So I decided I would make it easier on myself and start direct depositing the money directly from my paycheck to my Vanguard account. Luckily I work at a company whose payroll services outsourcer makes it very easy to do this online (I can direct deposit to up to 9 different places, specifying amounts to each). So I went through the fairly simple process over at the Vanguard site and set it up.

I like direct depositing because then I never see the money in my bank account and try to justify doing something else with it. Also it keeps me on pace for maxing out my contributions each year instead of having to deposit a large sum. So if you are like me and have a psychological aversion to manually putting small amounts in your accounts that may be a solution.

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