Festival of Under 30 Finances – 12th Edition

Posted January 12, 2007 by Chuck Posted in: Personal Finance

Welcome to the 12th edition of the Festival of Under 30 Finances! We had quite a large and wide range of articles submitted this week so I’m sure there is something here for everybody. I’m happy to be hosting this week and hope you spend some time here at The Finance Journey.

The question for this edition is:

Where do you see yourself financially in 10 years?

Molly’s Brother wrote: Gazing into my crystal ball: I see myself with a home and with all my grad school loans paid off. Of course, I’d like to say I’ll be financially secure, but I’m sure by then I’ll have Molly’s Nieces and Molly’s Nephews running around wanting things (like food and clothes and college educations!).

English Major wrote: Frankly, I have no idea where I’ll be in ten years. I do have a hunch that I won’t always be working in an office with a 401(k), which means it’s really important for me to prioritize my Roth as a tax-advantaged investment vehicle. Ten years from now, I hope to be consistently maxing out my Roth and contributing to a brokerage account in addition. I hope also to have been able to pay for a great deal more travel, and perhaps be looking at putting a down payment on an apartment. Hopefully, by then I’ll know where I want to live!

2 Pennies Earned presents wrote a whole post on the topic – Where do you see yourself financially in 10 years? posted at 2 Pennies Earned.

As did Living Almost Large – 10 years fast fowarded posted at Living Almost Large.

Along with Dimes – Ten years from now? posted at Dimes to Dollars- a military wife’s guide to personal finance.

SCapitalist includes his answer in his article Why Young People Need Goals posted at The Stubborn Capitalist.

And you can see my posts here – Where Do I See Myself Financially in 10 Years?

Without further ado, the carnival entries are:

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