A Look At Quizzle – A Free Credit Report / Score Site

Posted February 29, 2008 by Chuck Posted in: Personal Finance

It seems like a new free credit site is popping up every day now. Quizzle is yet another site, but unlike some other sites it offers a free credit score and report (Experian PLUS). It is also owned by Quicken Loans which may ease some of your concerns over giving your person information to an unknown company.

What It Provides

The site also gives you some information beyond just your report and score. It takes some information you provide as well as some from your credit report to determine your financial status. Below is a screenshot of the main screen once logged in:


As you can see, it also gives you an approximation of your home’s value (though I have no idea where they are getting this information from), the equity you have available from your mortgage, and grades on your estimated budget and your rainy day fund. I didn’t find any of these numbers particularly useful since I have no idea where this is coming from and prefer to do my own analysis.

The site does offer your exact credit score as well as a detailed credit report with everything in it, which is a plus. It does also give you a bit of analysis on ways to improve your score as well.

Overall Impressions

Overall, if you are looking to get both your credit report and credit score for free Quizzle is a place to check out. Unlike some of the other new sites out there they are not making their money off Advertising, but rather trying to upsell you a loan so you may get some junk mail or phone calls as a result of it (yet to be seen).


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