25 Ways I Save Money

Posted September 28, 2006 by Chuck Posted in: Personal Finance

There is a link fest over at Frugal for Life on 25 Ways I Save Money. Below are my 25:

1.) Clip coupons.
2.) Cook at home instead of eating out the majority of the time.
3.) Wait for a great deal on most of my major purchases by checking Fatwallet, Slickdeals, etc.
4.) If the service engine light comes on in my car, take it to AutoZone and get the trouble code read for free before taking it to a mechanic (sometimes its something stupid like the gas cap is loose).
5.) Do 0% balance transfer app-o-ramas to earn money off interest.
6.) Fully fund my ROTH IRA and my 401k.
7.) Purchase gift cards to many stores at 20% off from Dealpass.
8.) Changed all bulbs in the house to CFL
9) Buy generic drugs and food over name brands.
10.) Do most home maintanance/improvement jobs myself to save on labor.
11.) Keep extra money in a high yield savings account instead of checking.
12.) Use the library for books instead of purchasing them (especially travel books).
13.) Keep track of purchases, spending, and savings in Yodlee.
14.) Run the washer on cold to save energy.
15.) Sell unneeded items on Ebay or Craigslist.
16.) Search on A9.com occassionally to get 1.57% off purchases at Amazon.
17.) Sign up for rewards programs whenever possible.
18.) Call the cable company so they to give me a better deal on cable/internet service.
19.) Turn off the pilot light on my gas fireplace when it isn’t going to be used for a while.
20.) Air dry clothes when possible.
21.) Switched home phone service to VOIP and cell phone to prepaid.
22.) Plant my own garden.
23.) Buy liquor in the caribbean where it is about 60% cheaper than in the US.
24.) Bake my own bread.
25.) Use cashback credit cards on purchases instead of cash / checks.

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