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My Home Owners Association Is Out Of Control – Followup

Posted April 16, 2007 by Chuck Posted in: Real Estate

I had previously written about how my HOA wanted my opinion on them spending $15k for 2 new signs. Well I received a newsletter stating that only 20% of homes had responded which they didn’t feel was enough to make a decision yet. They also received some other feedback on the proposal so will continue to investigate and ask again later.

Hard to believe so few of my neighbors cared about a potential $86.50 bill they may receive.

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Finishing the Basement – Part 1 – Planning

Posted September 25, 2006 by Chuck Posted in: Real Estate

I am going to try to track my latest home improvement project – finishing my basement. Luckily when I moved in previous owner had already started the project by framing and dry walling the walls, so pretty much all I have to do is put in the ceiling and floors. I will be doing all the work myself with some help from friends and family so there will be no labor costs involved with the exception of installing the carpet.

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Creating A For Sale By Owner Website

Posted September 6, 2006 by Chuck Posted in: Real Estate

I talked previously about my For Sale By Owner experience with my townhouse. Well, I also created a website for my home with all the major information I thought was important to a buyer and thought I would share that as well.

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Carnivals and Questions

Posted August 28, 2006 by Chuck Posted in: Personal Finance, Real Estate

Linktified for your pleasure:
The Carnival of Real Estate is up at  Lots of great real estate articles.

The Carnival of Personal Fiance #63 is up at  Vote for me!
The Question of the Day at MoneyAndValues asks the burning question “Do you involve your values in your money decisions?”

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Example Home Improvement Savings

Posted August 24, 2006 by Chuck Posted in: Real Estate

So I have a plan to finish my basement before the end of the year. Well, not really so much of a plan as an idea. I wasn’t going to start until fall/winter but saw Lowes has 20% off ceiling tiles until this weekend so I decided to jump on those.

How I try to save money is by using my previously posted Dealpass gift cards as well as the readily accessable 10% off coupons. The coupons are pretty rampant on ebay – just search for ‘home depot coupons’ and you should get a slew of results with prices around $1.50 per coupon.

So, for tiles that are normally $30.74 a box it ended up as:

$30.74 – 20% sale = $24.59
$24.59 – 10% coupon = $22.13
$22.13 – 20% gift cards = $17.70

So that ends up being 43% off or $13.04 per box. 9 boxes purchased ends up being a $117.36 savings. Just an example of how I try to purchase things I know I will need.

Lessons Learned From Selling For Sale By Owner

Posted August 22, 2006 by Chuck Posted in: Real Estate

With the outrageous price of hiring a full-service real estate agent to sell our home we decided to sell our townhouse for sale by owner. How hard can it be right?

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